Photographs are one of the most valuable assets your organization has.  You've made a significant  investment in obtaining those images and it is important to protect their future value by carefully archiving them.

Digital asset management seems complicated but in reality it can be designed to be very simple.  Creating a system that is simple will assure its future use on a regular and sustained basis.

I have significant experience creating and managing photo archives.  Working with former MAGNUM photographers I helped create the ARCHIVE Photos stock agency in New York.  While at U. S. News & World Report I evaluated and directed the maintenance of the photo archive and also assisted in the evaluation of the New York Daily News image library and related archiving systems at the time of purchase.

As Director of Photography at The Nature Conservancy I created the internal online photo archive, developed the archiving process and trained staff to maintain it.

The steps I use to help organizations build successful and cost affective photo archives!